Javier N.
Dreamer Stories • New York

Javier N.

He's an entrepreneur in New York.

I invest in the next generation of biomedical tech solutions.

Before DACA, I was working at a convenience store. But the moment DACA was passed, it put everything into perspective. I really took time to analyze how I could best progress my career and take advantage of the opportunities around me.

I went to school at Cal State University, Northridge. I studied economics and biotechnology. After working as a software engineer in the Silicon Valley, I ended up moving to Brooklyn, New York. I now work in venture capital, running a small venture fund that invests in early-stage life science and frontier technology startups.

As a CEO of an investment fund, DACA being repealed does not only affect me. A DACA repeal could affect the startups with which I work, and my ability to invest in them, and their ability to continue to grow and employ hundreds of Americans across the country.

My name is Javier. I’m a DACA recipient and I’m from Mexico City. I came to the US when I was five years old.