Call Congress Now: 800,000 Dreamers At Risk

You’ll be connected to the office of your Member of Congress shortly. Feel free to read from the script below.

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent.

I’m calling today because the repeal of DACA has created an urgent crisis. Nearly 20,000 Dreamers have already lost their work permits and deportation protections since President Trump eliminated the DACA program, and 122 more will continue to fall out of status every single day until Congress passes a permanent legislative solution to protect them.

There are enough bipartisan votes from both Democrats and Republicans to protect Dreamers in both the House and Senate. Congress must take decisive action to prevent 800,000 Dreamers from being fired from their jobs, ripped out of classrooms, and deported to countries they can’t even remember.

You can fix this — now.

800,000 hard working young people are waiting for you to act and it is urgent that we pass permanent protections for Dreamers.